Cash Pigs Need to Prepare for Draining

Cash Pigs Need to Prepare for Draining

Now that we’ve launched a website you cash pigs need to prepare for draining!

What type of draining you might ask? Cash draining.

You must have known that because what better way is there to use a helpless, submissive, inferior man slave than to financial drain him dry while keeping him constantly horny and throbbing. Even you can’t deny that sounds erotic.

Hey now, don’t think for a second that we don’t have all of our bases covered; because we do. You’ll be able to serve us princesses or mistresses online, over the phone and yes even on webcam.

We Show Cash Pigs the Real Deal

We know just from experience and from what our slaves have told us, that many supposed goddesses never seem to want to prove who they are or even show themselves! That’s not a problem with us. Not only will we prove that it’s the same people in our pictures but we will show you on cam, custom videos, pictures or whatever else it takes for your pay piggy hind-end to not worry.

Cash Pigs Preferences

What the hell? Do you think we just got started? We know that all cash pigs have their own separate fantasies and preferences in regards to what we chat about, what you see on cam and all those other naughty bits that are involved with female domination.

There is no need to worry piglets, not only do we know all about the world of fetish fun but we practically auto tailor everything to what you reveal to us. You know you want to share those secrets, so go ahead and do it — it’ll only make things hotter, faster.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into forced intoxication, humiliation, sissification, feet, panties, cleavage or anything else you can dream up, we will leave you drained of cash and doing everything you can to experience it all again.

All you cash pigs better watch out because once we sink our claws into you, the fun and draining begins. Flop out your wallet and your pigtail because it’s time to get used.

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