Cash Princess Ready to Rule You

Cash Princess Ready to Rule Over You

Enough of the games, a real cash princess is ready to rule over you like no other has before me.

No matter what you’re into I can be as dominant and ruthless as I need to be, as manipulative and mean as I want and will flip your fantasies upside down until you’re left gasping for more.

I’ve always been hot, always been sought after and always treated guys like they were nothing more than disposable objects to me. There’s nothing that gets me wetter than brainwashing a guy and draining him of all his money.

A cash princess like me has exquisite tastes and you are the horny fool that will provide it all for me because you want to and I said to. You’ll soon realize all your money is actually my cash to blow on what I wish while you’re left with enough to pay your bills and get your tush out there churning up some more for me.

Cash Princess Demands the Best

Don’t expect me to settle for anything ever. Sure if you are a good cash piggy I might cut you some slack once in a great while or maybe do something special for you but none of that happens without me being spoiled with tributes. My panties need to be packed with money and all of my needs taken care of.

We both know a perfect pretty cash princess like me doesn’t come cheap and neither does my time. I can have any man I want so if a horny pig like you wants my attention you’ll pay your cash princess dearly while wanking to me on webcam for it and love every minute of it.

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