Chastity Slavery is What I Crave All the Time

Chastity Slavery is What I Crave All the Time

I have no clue why I crave chastity slavery. It is as puzzling to me as it is to the couple people I have actually shared the fantasy with.

It’s the strangest thing the way it always happens. I will be getting all turned on checking out some woman and then as soon as I’m hard, I will start wishing I was in a chastity device!

Why the hell does this happen to me? My last girlfriend it was the same thing; as soon as I would get close to having sex with her or even getting head, I would want to be put in a chastity and not allowed to orgasm. Help!

Your  Obsession with Chastity Slavery

Sounds like someone is feeling a bit confused over there. The thing I think is going on here is something that happens with many men that are starting to become more aware of their sexual nature. You most likely are a submissive male in many ways and don’t even fully realize it or maybe you’re just not willing to admit it…

Either way your attraction or obsession with chastity slavery is probably because you want to be controlled by a woman so much so that she even has control over your orgasms as well as your ability to jack off. On the flip-side you may be a normal guy or even a dominant guy when it comes to most things but still want your sexual pleasure controlled by someone other than yourself.

Long story short just accept that you’re most likely meant to be a chastity slave. Get a cage and lock yourself into it to test things out. You can even get an online keyholder to control your cock.

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