Dealing with a Money Mistress

My money mistress.

You may think it’s all about being nice and spending a couple bucks but dealing with a money mistress takes a lot more than that to make it work. Really it all depends a great deal on how much attention you want from your mistress and what role you want to play in her life.

For some submissive guys they simply want to be that guy that sends 20 dollars a week and gets ignored but true money slaves and cash pigs usually want much more attention and time spent on them.

You know what that means? It’s time to cough up more cash for your money mistress and expect to be an obedient little pig as well.

Getting Owned by a Money Mistress

Whether you’re serving your money mistress via webcam, telephone or in person there are going to be somethings that always remain the same.

First of all you should expect that you will always need to drop cash if you wish to get any attention spent on you. Two would be that you must learn that you have to pay for and earn every privilege or pleasure you desire.

Finally if you truly want to get owned when you’re dealing with a money mistress you should be ready to be fully open with her. Share with us all your deepest secrets, fantasies and desires. In return you’ll find that dealing with a money mistress will be one of the hottest things you ever experience.

Ready to experience it for yourself?

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