Erotic Hypnosis Fetishes and Fantasies

Erotic Hypnosis

Odds are if you’re reading this you are probably already into dominant women. But have you heard about, Erotic Hypnosis — the act of hypnotizing a man into the submissive slave his mistress desires?

Well if you haven’t you’re in for a treat and for those of you that have, well you’re in for some sexy fun as well. Now lets check out a few things about erotic hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis Defined

Erotic Hypnosis: The act of hypnotizing a submissive man via the use of imagery, seduction, words and repetition to turn him into the ideal slave.

As you can see there is room for customization when it comes to the hypnotic regiment a man is put through when it comes to this fantasy. The reason for this is because it will always vary depending upon the slave as well as the intended outcome the mistress wants.

For example a man may be addicted or gets weakened by seeing cleavage so therefore cleavage would definitely added into the mix.

How to Experience Erotic Hypnosis

Most of the men into this fetish, fantasy or whatever you’d like to call it, never get actually experience what it’s like to have an erotic hypnosis session. Prior to the internet where could they turn anyway? It’s not like you can look it up in the yellow pages or something!

Nowadays a man aching for a hypnotic experience can fine seasoned femdoms and mistresses online that do just that. Not only can they customize it for you but they can also be incredibly interactive, almost as if they are right there with you at home or in your hotel room etc…

If you’d like to experience Erotic Hypnosis for yourself just check out some of the hypnotic mistresses available online.

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