Facesitting, Smothering and the Love of Ass

Facesitting and smothering.
Image Credit: QueenSquirt/ImaFemdom

You might not have heard of terms such as facesitting and smothering when it pertains to the ass of a beautiful woman but that’s exactly what this is about.

There are guys out there that love looking a women’s booties but this is far more intense and you ass worshipers out there know just what I’m talking about.

The scenario typically goes down like this. A male slave will lay back or sit in a way so it’s comfortable for his princess to prop her pretty buns right on to his face. That’s facesitting and smothering in it’s most basic form.

What is Facesitting and Smothering?

Facesitting and smothering are practically one in the same but a tad different in a sense. Both of these terms fall into the fetish category of Ass Worship which as you can probably guess refers to the intense love and adoration of a woman’s butt.

So what is facesitting? Facesitting is literally the act of sitting on a man’s face. It might be fully clothed, just in panties or even completely nude. This is because facesitting can be used to humiliate, dominate or even objectify a man but it can also be used as a way to take control of man going down on you.

Smothering on the other hand is actually just another form or act of facesitting. It involves sitting on a man’s face until he starts squirming like a bitch before lifting your juicy buns off his face. This is often done just for us to laugh at or to teach a male slave a lesson.

Now how about you? Do you find yourself staring at woman’s asses as they pass you by. Does the idea of having a juicy round butt sitting on your face turn you on? Share your thoughts below!

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