Female Domination Fantasies: Hot and Complex

Female domination fantasies

The mental images vary when someone thinks about female domination fantasies. Often they think of leather clad vixens in stiletto heels but the Hollywood depictions only scratch the surface of this hot and complex world of domination and submission.

As seasoned veterans in this realm we can fill you in on the reality of what female domination fetishes are out there in the world. Needless to say it goes much deeper than you could imagine.

So let’s take a look at a few of the most popular female domination fantasies out there. Some of them may shock you and others you might have heard of but they are all kinky and hot — that’s for sure.

BDSM & The Dominatrix

This is the woman we all know about and we’ve all seen depicted in movies. She is often clad in leather lingerie, high heels and is cracking a whip against some poor guy’s butt like it owes her money.

The role of the dominatrix, when it comes to female domination fantasies, is one that is mainly in scenarios where bondage or BDSM type activities are taking place.

The men involved want to be dominated by an intimidating and imposing woman, hence the dramatic attire and often they want to be physically controlled and punished by their dominant partner.

They may be into things such as whips & floggers, being restrained or tied up, blindfolded, spanked and any number of things. As you can imagine their are infinite ways these type scenarios can play out.

Foot Sniffers and Feet Fetish Slaves

Yeah that’s right. I said it. You may not know it but there are men that want nothing more than to sniff feet or kiss them or nuzzle them etc… These guys are the feet fetish slaves. It’s not your body, your hair or anything else for the most part — it’s the feet they are after.

Men in this fantasy category can be into anything from being foot sniffers to sniffing sweaty sneakers or even just having you rub your feet on their face. It’s not usual for them to want the equivalent of a hand job only using a woman’s feet which is also known as a footjob.

Who would of known feet could be so hot, right?

Pamper the Princesses

In contrast to a dominatrix all dressed in black, a princess is a dominant female that dresses normal or feminine as opposed to in all leather or latex.

She is usually your girl next door, college hottie or even a curvy gold digger that enjoys female domination and using them for their own enjoyment.

They may use their male slaves as sex objects, use them for entertainment, shopping trips or even as sissy maids to clean their homes and apartments. This area of female domination fantasies is truly diverse and it would be impossible to cover all the various aspects involved so lets those minds wander because it gets wild!

Female Domination Fantasies

So are you shocked? You might not be because as of recently there has been an increased amount of info coming out about the hidden world of female domination yet there is still so much that hardly anyone knows about.

This sexual realm is far to complex and tailored to each and everyone taking part in it that no one could truly summarize it. Female domination fantasies are truly as complex and as hot as ever.

Did you know any or all of the fantasies covered in this article? Let us know what the kinkiest thing is that you’ve heard about when it comes to femdom’s and dominatrix fantasies. If you’d like to chat with a live dominatrix on cam you can browse us here.

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