Foot Fetish Slaves and Fem Doms

Femdom Foot Fetishes

For some men it’s all about boobs and buns but men with a foot fetish are all about the feet.

Often times they will even venture into the world of becoming foot slaves for beautiful fem doms and foot goddesses.

This may all seem a bit out there or downright bizarre for those that have never been exposed to this somewhat secretive realm of human sexuality.

In reality though, foot fetishes, foot slaves and fem doms are certainly nothing new. Now let’s take a look at foot fetishes in general.

Foot Fetishes Defined

Foot fetishes are simply a sexual attraction mainly to feet. A guy just thinks women’s feet or high heels are sexy doesn’t quite fit into this realm.

For a true foot fetishist, they will have a major attraction to feet even to the point where only indulging in their foot fetish are they able to become sexually aroused or even climax. These are the type of guys that are the most apt to end up considering themselves foot slaves and becoming submissive to dominant women aka femdoms.

Foot Slaves and Their Fetish

For the men that are solely (pun intended) attracted to pretty feet, toes and practically anything involving women’s feet will often find themselves slowly but surely becoming what is know as a foot slave or foot worshiper.

The central part of many foot fetishists fantasies is the dynamic that takes place when a man lowers himself down to a woman’s feet and is allowed to, in many ways, humiliate themselves so that they may enjoy their feet or heels etc…

Lowering down unto the floor to focus your attention on someones feet is an act of submission in itself so it’s only natural that many of these men will find that they have a naturally submissive nature when it comes to women.

It’s through this that the presence of the femdom occurs due to the fact that most women either won’t know anything about a foot fetish or they will simply find that it is too weird, bizarre or just plain disgusting to take part in.

Femdom Foot Goddesses

Sure most women will appreciate a guy thinking they have cute feet, a great pedicure or some sexy heels but the idea of having their toes sucked, high heels sniffed and licked as well as infinite other options involving their feet might be a bit unsettling for them.

A femdom foot goddess on the other hand is a woman that is not only okay with these things taking place but they also know how unique that is and how much their foot slaves want this. You can browse foot goddesses here.

Obviously the weakness of the foot slave is often preyed upon for the entertainment, enjoyment and personal enrichment of the foot goddess. Both sides get something out of the relationship or arrangement and the dynamic between the two continues to cement itself for the long haul.

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