Foot Mistress: Grovel at My Feet and Serve

The Foot Mistress

Ever wonder what it is like to grovel at the pretty feet of a foot mistress? Are one of the thousands of men that are into women’s feet as much as most men are into their breasts or booties?

You know you have and there’s nothing strange about that. You’re a foot slave that’s in need of a foot mistress, someone to put you in your place down at the feet you’ve longed to serve.

Just think of all the pretty painted toenails, sexy heels and boots or even just some extremely sheer hose, all of which are just a few of the many ways to tease and manipulate a weak and vulnerable feet addict. What is it that you love about pretty feet? Is it the look, the scent or those sweet toes wiggling and teasing you mercilessly?

The Pretty Feet of Your Foot Mistress

You should know that as a potential foot slave that it takes devotion and submission to truly pamper these feet appropriately. You’ll need to know how to approach them and handle them properly all of which comes through training.

It’s a given that there will be treats that you’ll hope you’ll get such as seeing those pretty toes in a certain type of high heel or the toenail painted a certain color or whatever else it may.

All of those things are possible if you know how to treat a foot mistress. It’s all part of the erotic journey we are about the embark on together but you must always keep in mind that it’s a privilege and a honor to be able to grovel at the superior feet of your foot mistress.

If you’re ready to serve some perfect toesies or would like to find out more, go explore the foot goddesses available to serve online.

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