Human ATM: True Financial Domination

Human ATM: True Financial Domination

When it comes to true financial domination, the use of Human ATMs are the pinnacle of it. We’re talking true blue cash slavery where the submissive male slaves coughs up cash quicker than a real ATM machine at your local bank.

Personally these are some of my favorite slaves because they are so submissive and weak that it makes it more fun to really get into their minds and milk them dry of all that cash.

Human ATMs know their place in life and know what role they place in the life of their owners. It’s one of complete submission, where they are controlled, manipulated and used as their owner sees fit. They are to do what they are told without question and in return of course their owner (someone like me) will ensure that it’s not so far that their human atm machine can’t continue working like a slave to earn them more.

Human ATMs: Crave Cash Draining

You Human ATMs that are reading this right now are most likely already craving a heavy cash draining. Well no problem there at all, find a findom and let the fun begin! And for those of you that are just thinking about it, don’t worry… everything is discreet, private and totally secure.

Not to mention we can use you like a human atm over your smartphone, your tablets and your computer. Talk about never being able to escape right?!

Cash draining is an integral part of human ATMs lives so how could we not give you exactly what you need? We aren’t that cruel. The epitome of financial domination is that of a Human ATM and there’s no better time than now to become one for me.

Connect with me online or one of my greedy friends and get drained.

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