Ignoration: A Favorite Fetish for Losers


Submissive pigs and losers have a new favorite fetish to enjoy; ignoration. Doesn’t it sound like fun already?

Ignoration is where a sub-male spends money to watch a superior girl on cam or even calls her phone line only to be ignored the whole time. Those of you that are familiar with it, need to do go and do just that while the others learn what this is about.

There is nothing quite as humiliating as being completely ignored by someone. Plenty of guys know how it feels to get rejected or completed disregarded when attempting to hit on a hot female. Ignoration packs that same sting only it’s on tap, ready to be utilized at any given moment.

Reasons to get ignored online

As a submissive guy you should already know your place but there are always moments where you try to think otherwise. This is a great way to use ignoration!  What confirms being a inferior better than paying to interact with someone over the phone or on cam and being ignored the entire time.

You sit there like a horny pig jerking your dick off while being treated as if you’re not even there. You beg, plead and do whatever you can to get the attention of mistress only to be answered with silence, laughter or mockery.

Ignoration will reinforce your place as a lowly servant beneath us powerful women. Give it a try and experience the erotic sting of being unworthy of a response even though you continue to pay, pay, pay. This is tease and denial on steroids!

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