Little Dick Humiliation Mistress Laughing

Little Dick Humiliation Mistress Laughing

Don’t worry penis size doesn’t matter. Yeah right! I’m a little dick humiliation mistress and love teasing you losers about the size of your tiny pricks. I know how desperately you want it to be true that size doesn’t matter when it 100 percent does — how could it not?

Think about it. Do most guys love women with small breasts or women that weigh 500 pounds? Of course not aka SIZE MATTERS! Deal with it you little dick losers!

It’s only some of you fools that don’t realize that yet because the majority of you know that you’re not real men and that your only method of pleasing a woman like me is by getting humiliated and made fun of all the time. There are other ways as well such as by becoming my cash pig, foot slave, jerk off slut as well as a few other ways we can discuss if you don’t fit in any of those categories.

Little Dick Humiliation Mistress?

You know by now if you have a little dick and there is no need to deny it any longer. Just accept it and realize that being humiliated is your way to get some attention from a sexy mistress. Odds are the humiliation already turns you on because it has to! After all you can’t get me off with a dick that size!

If you’re ready for some little dick humiliation then come chat with me and I even have a webcam to prove to you how real I am. Get ready to unzip and let that little worm out of it’s cage so I can laugh my perfect ass off at you!

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