Orgasm Denial Like I Never Experienced Before

Orgasm Denial

For the longest time I’ve craved orgasm denial or the act of being denied the privilege to climax by a powerful woman.

I realize most men would never want this but the thoughts of a woman having such control over me that she can even make me not experience the ultimate pleasure have always turned me on.

I had tried bringing up the topic to various girlfriends of mine to avail — literally they weren’t having it. They didn’t find anything fun about it and in fact they always wanted to see me shoot my load when all I craved was the opposite.

So obviously those relationships didn’t last too long and I had to find another outlet for my cravings for orgasm denial. Let me just say this; there was no way I was going to use an escort or anything like that — I wanted a safe and sane way to vent this. Ideally it would be my girlfriend or future wife but I had wasted enough time trying and failing so it was time to see what it was like to have a dominant mistress controlling my orgasms.

Orgasm Denial by a Webcam Dominatrix

It took me awhile to come to this, mainly because I didn’t realize it even existed. I had spent way too much money on phone sex calls that simply didn’t do it for me. Some were really hot but I couldn’t see anything especially that evil grin I ached to see as they controlled my balls.

I had came across a female domination online community called ImaFemdom and ended spending fifteen or so minutes looking around until I found a webcam dominatrix that looked exactly as I had always fantasized about.

Not only was she sexy as can be but she knew all about orgasm denial, teasing and all the aspects of my fantasy that I had craved for so long.

That moment was literally the turning point for me when I truly became a slave to dominant women on webcam. The fact that anytime I started craving orgasm denial there would always be someone who knew just how to handle me was as good as it could get.

It’s been over 4 months now and needless to say I’ve been allowed to climax twice and that was because I paid for the privilege! It doesn’t get any better than that for submissive guys like me that are into orgasm denial.

Want to see what orgasm denial is really like? How about a live training session? Trust me, you’ll end up hooked like I am.

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