A Pay Pig in the Making

Pay Pig Used by a Seductive Goddess
Image Credit: SeductiveGoddess1/ImaFemdom

I had been thinking about it for awhile so I guess you could say I was a pay pig in the making. Countless hours I had spent practically every night wanking away watching videos and conjuring up fantasies about dominant beautiful girls taking advantage of me.

I’d often think about them laughing at me and telling me that they were to hot for me and I was a loser. They’d often be making me buy them things, withdrawal money for them and just straight use me. Trust me I know it sounds weird but hey, it turns me on.

After a couple years of following this same schedule I finally stumbled on to something that was just insane. It was a place where I could actually get used as a pay pig and a submissive slave by women that out of this world hot. My fantasies are all over the place so being able to see older women and hot college chicks was awesome!

My Taste of the Pay Pig Life

One of the first times playing on there I found myself looking for a Latin Princess that use this pathetic white piggy like I deserved to be. Of course I also was dying to be able to serve and see her gorgeous curvy body.

Well it wasn’t long before I found the most seductive goddess I could possibly need at the time and after drooling over her pics I decided to bite the bullet and see if she would use me. Oh she did. She knew exactly what financial domination and what being a pay pig was all about.

Before I knew it she was teasing me with sexy lingerie, making me jerk off to her and humiliating me as she slowly drained me dry. It was by the far the most intense adrenalin pumping time I’ve had in a good long time.

To make a long story short — I’ve been hooked ever since.

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