Pay Pigs Getting Pumped for Cash

Pay pigs princess

Now you might be thinking this is about pay pigs getting pumped up about their money but boy would you be wrong. This is actually dealing with money slaves getting pumped by a dominant mistress who is after their cash.

Welcome to the world of financial domination. It’s a place where pathetic pay pigs get pumped figuratively and literally for all their hard earned cash! Sounds like fun? Twitching in your pants? If so you are definitely in the right place. Shocked and have no clue what any of this is about? You’ll see.

The thing is the air needs to be cleared in regards to the differences between men who like spend cash on superior women from time to time and true pay pigs.

True pay pigs don’t just want to spend 50 or 100 dollars on a mistress here and there, they want to get that cash ripped constantly. This isn’t a one time thing it’s a craving that they have (or you might have) and it needs to be utilized properly.

How Pay Pigs Deserve to Be Pumped

You don’t need to explain it to us, pay pigs. We know just how you need to be used or better yet how hard you deserve to be used. The money you work so hard for or at least did at some point, doesn’t deserve to be in your horny hands.

It deserves to be in our handbags getting blown on designer shoes, perfume, clothes and of course lingerie to warp your brain with.

For you pay pigs, money isn’t important anymore. It’s the powerful, domineering control of your mistress that is important to you now. Having the ability to please a pretty spoiled princess or mistress is a privilege and honor for you pay pigs so don’t ever forget that.

Those times that you do however, you can rest assured that either via a deep pumping from one of our strapons, a few good slaps or from a mind-fucking you’ll never forget from one of us findom mistresses on cam. You will learn where you belong and stay there.

We all know you won’t be able to resist the seduction and certainly can’t resist our manipulative bitchy attitudes. You see it’s you same cash pigs that understand why us high maintenance women are the way we are — because we deserve to be. Just like you deserve to be used like the pay pigs you are.

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