Pay the Princess You Cash Pigs

Pay the Princess You Cash Pigs

You pathetic cash pigs have one duty in this world and that is to pay the princess!

Your typical week is probably busy juggling tasks, running a business or putting in extra hours at the office. Yet at the end of the week you get a juicy paycheck that has my name all over it.

Sure you work hard but you work hard for me now. All that extra cash isn’t anything you need — you need me. All you need is enough spare change to pay so you can cover your basic bills and food. The rest of it all comes directly to your pay princess.

Your Pleasure: Paying Princess

You will derive all your pleasure from me from now on. As you continue to pay the princess like a proper cash pig, you will soon find that I am the only thing that can get you hard. I’ll slowly but surely own you and your money. That is something you want so badly too.

All you need to do is start serving us princesses and enjoy your place as my horny cash pig. Come serve your purpose now!

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