Pretty Toes Wiggling Cash Out of Wallets

Pretty Toes Wiggling Cash Out of Wallets

Beautifully pedicured pretty toes. They are so feminine and sexy that they just draw your eyes in making it so difficult to look away. It’s even hotter when a submissive foot fetish slave gets so weak that a foot goddess can use those pretty toes for wiggling cash out of those wallets.

That’s right we’re talking about financial domination and foot fetishes merged into one big hot saucy session of cash draining tease filled fun! For wealthy feet fetishists and foot addicts alike the allure becomes so great they both will find themselves willing to give up that worthless money for something far more special; our beautiful feet and pretty toes.

Pretty Toes Deserve to Be Pampered

I mean just think about that for a second. You desperately need to be able to see and serve a pretty set of toes and superior women like us deserve for those feet to be pampered appropriately. After all if you want to continue to see them in sexy high heels, designer hosiery and flirty footwear than you’ll need to ensure the money keeps coming to cover those costs that benefit you so greatly. Not to mention the precious time spent on you foot slaves.

Not all foot lovers are into financial domination in the traditional sense but most of you will fall right into place, weak, throbbing and having our pretty toes plucking those bills out of your pockets until you’re ready to bust. So if you believe you have what it takes or stumbled on to this during your journey to find those perfect pretty toes to pamper then take a look at the foot goddesses online ready to work you over.

Would you consider yourself a financial foot slave or are feet not your thing? Get in on the conversation!

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