Ready to Measure Your Little Pecker?

Are you ready to measure your little pecker?
Image via Freakden

Ever Measured Your Pecker?

All guys are curious about their size and none more than guys with smaller packages. So for those of you out there that haven’t gotten around to it; now is the time.

It most likely already looks small or you would have checked the measurements of it by now anyway.

In Denial About the Size of Your Pecker?

You should know better than to get a tape measure for your little pecker. All you need for a penis your size is a tiny ruler at most! Don’t be in denial about your size. Just take the plunge and find out once and for all. If you need help measuring then connect up for a live dick rating.

Go ahead and grab a ruler or tape measure (if that’s all you have available) and see what digit you come up with. Once you know your size, leave a comment below listing your measurements!

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