Small Penis Humiliation Femdom Fetish


Some men are hung, some end up with a toothpick for a dick and that is why the concept of small penis humiliation came about.

Pickle peckers know that they can’t ever truly compete with a well endowed alpha-male so they over time had to find a way to make themselves useful.

Through this evolution, you could say, a large portion of the pimple dicks realized that by accepting they were inferior they could at least get some form of pleasure or attention from women or in other words — small penis humiliation.

Fast forward to present times and we know have a bunch of tiny wimpy wieners running around wondering how they can make their small penis useful and they are reaching the same conclusion.

Small Penis Humiliation Chat

When a guy with a small penis interacts with a woman that would never in a million years do anything sexual with him and endures humiliation, ridicule and various other things — this is know as small penis humiliation chat.

And this where most of you little limp losers need to be. Getting laughed at, mocked and humiliated by a superior femdom mistress.

If you’ve never experienced small penis humiliation chat or even a one of our sph cam sessions then you need to immediately. Odds are if you haven’t then you’re one of those tiny cock losers that in a delusional way actually thinks your dick is normal or even worse, big.

There is no place for that kind of thought anymore, it’s time for you all to get a reality check and take your rightful place as a submissive beta-male, cuckolds, cash pigs and humiliation addicts.

Getting Your Small Penis Humiliated

This fetish was always something kept behind closed doors but not anymore — now we can get your small penises whipped into shape right over the internet.

You can’t hide from it when you can with a couple clicks see one of us staring at your small dick laughing our asses off and ridiculing the hell out of you. You know, just like you’ve always deserved.

When you are man enough to face the music come chat with one of the mistresses online.

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