Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Explained

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Hand Gesture

Small Penis Humiliation is a topic that has literally taken the internet by storm in the past few years. What started with a famous tumblr blog called ShowYourTinyDick, soon turned into a phenomenon. Even major media outlets couldn’t resist writing articles about.

A quick search of the web and you’ll find endless articles from women’s magazines to TV news sites. So it comes as no surprise that you have heard about small penis humiliation and want to find out more about it.

What is SPH?

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a humiliation based fetish that focuses on the size, shape and usefulness of a guy’s dick. In most situations the guy is looking to get made fun of and seeks out an internet femdom or mistress to do it.

Usually the men involved in SPH, do in fact have small dicks but there are a small amount of hung guys into the fetish as well.

Another Way of Looking At It

Some men are hung, some end up with a toothpick for a dick and that is why the concept of small penis humiliation came about.

Pickle peckers know that they can’t ever truly compete with a well endowed alpha-male. So over time they had to find a way to make themselves useful.

Through this evolution, you could say, a large portion of the pimple dicks realized that by accepting they were inferior they could at least get some form of pleasure. And some form of attention from women or in other words — small penis humiliation.

Fast forward to present times and we now have a bunch of tiny wimpy wieners running around. All of them wondering how they can make their small penis useful. Fortunately they are reaching the same conclusion women did.

How Small Penis Humiliation Works

SPH can take place in all sorts of situations. A cuckold may get his dick ridiculed while his wife is hooking up with another man. Another great example would be a guy that suffers from premature ejaculation. He could clearly get mocked for his stamina and uselessness.

During situations like those mentioned above, the guy would be getting called names, made fun of and humiliated via various forms of verbal abuse, in real life or via online chat.

Small Penis Humiliation Chat

When a guy with a small penis interacts with a woman, that would never in a million years do anything sexual with him, and endures humiliation, ridicule and various other things — this is know as small penis humiliation chat.

And this where most of you little limp losers need to be. Getting laughed at, mocked and humiliated by a superior femdom mistress.

If you never experienced small penis humiliation chat or an sph cam session then you need to. Odds are if you haven’t then you’re one of those tiny cock losers, that actually thinks your dick is normal or even big.

There is no place for that kind of thought anymore, it’s time for small dicks to get a reality check. Take your rightful place as a submissive beta-male, cuckold, cash pig or tiny dick humiliation addict.

Get Your Small Penis Humiliated

This fetish was always something kept behind closed doors but not anymore. Now men can get their small penises whipped into shape right over the internet.

Now with a couple clicks, you can see one of us staring at your small dick, laughing our asses off and ridiculing you. You know, just like you’ve always deserved. For guys that are into small penis humiliation, it is quite a time to be alive.

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