Wallet Raping and Cash Draining Fantasies

Cash Draining

Do your fantasies involve cash draining or maybe even wallet raping sessions?

If the answer is yes than it has been settled; you’re a candidate for full blown money slavery at the hands of a superior female!

For those of you that are into financial domination you probably already know exactly what we’re talking about but for those that don’t lets take a little peek and find out.

Wallet Raping & Cash Draining Defined

Wallet Raping is the act of taking or ripping every single last dollar from a man’s wallet until their is absolutely nothing left. Now the wallet part of the phrase can be literally his wallet or it can be his bank account, credit cards or whatever else is available.

Cash Draining is a more intense form of financial domination where the dominatrix is literally draining a cash slave’s money as fast as possible. Similar to wallet raping this can be done in person, over the phone or the most popular way via webcam or live video chat due to the more personalized and intimate nature of it.

Get Used by a Money Mistress Online

By far the safest and most widely used way of getting a full blown wallet raping or cash draining online is video chat. This mainly because anyone that has the money enough to take a draining wants to at least see who they are dealing with.

There are far too many people out there trying to pass off fake pictures as their own so being able to see and chat with someone live takes all the worry out of the equation so you can get drained like a hapless horny pay pig without concern for anything other than enjoying the ride.

Now that you’ve taken that all in — do you think you can handle a cash draining from a dominant goddess or a wallet raping from a ruthless princess? If so get ready to find your new owner by seeing who’s online now!

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