What is a Mistress?

What is a Mistress?
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Practically everyone has heard of a dominatrix but the term Mistress is one that leaves people asking — What is a Mistress?

It’s certainly not much of shock because it can be confusing due to the fact that there are actually several different definitions that apply to the title of Mistress but we will cover the two most common as the others really don’t cause any confusion due to their lack of use.

Mistress Type 1

The first definition of mistress we will cover is the most widely known and accepted version out there. This mistress is typically defined as a woman that is fooling around with a married man.

She isn’t necessarily a dominant female but she might be depending such as the case with manipulative gold diggers. However usually this type of mistress is simply a regular woman sexing up a married guy.

Mistress Type 2

Now this second definition or description is the less popular of the two but is slowly inching its way to a take over.

This mistress is a woman into female domination and often uses men for her own benefit. Whether sex is involved at all is totally up in the air and often plays no role in the relationship with this type of mistress. It’s about fetishes and domination. Guys often find a domme to serve online to keeps things discreet.

She might have a regular relationship with a real man but often she is single and dominating men in any number of ways including but not limited to sissification, cuckolding, using them solely for money or even as someone to run errands. When it comes to this mistress she does whatever she pleases with her submissive men and if they don’t like it she’ll just swap them out for another one.

I hope that clears it up for everyone who was confused about what a mistress is. Now that you know the definitions, which one of the two do you find the most erotic?

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