Why Women are Better Than You

Why Women are Better Than You

There is not even a debate in regards to why women are better than you and by you, I mean men in general.

It’s so obvious that you can’t even compare that it’s almost pointless explaining why it’s the case. However I am feeling nice today so I’ll touch on the finer points about why women are better than you guys.

1. Looks and Sex Appeal

First of all we are the better looking gender, the more attractive of the two counterparts, not by a little but by a huge amount. Our faces are more appealing, our hair, the curves of our bodies and even the aspects you can’t even see are more than enough to drive the inferior male insane.

2. Female vs Male Intelligence

Now on to the intelligence level. Women think completely differently than men. Men think with their penises where women actually have the ability to think without sex ever playing a role whatsoever. We can have sex when we feel like it and don’t when we don’t. Lets see you submissive men try that!

I guarantee you’ll be bucking your chair trying to keep from masturbating by day 5 and while you’re jerking yourself silly, we will be plotting our next manipulative move.

3. We Control Sex at All Times

Sexually we feel better, last longer and can go multiple times anytime we feel like it. Spur of the moment? No problem.  Making a guy wait a year for a touch of a boob? If we felt like it.

Men only wish they could turn it on and off  and control it the way we do but you can’t. If I wanted sex right now it would be as easy as wanting it. You men on the other hand will probably end up pumping your pillow before you get a real woman that fast in your lifetime.

Whether sex happens or not is completely up to us at all times.

4. Deal with it Women are Better Than You.

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