Your money is all mine piggies

Your money isn’t yours after all because it’s all mine. Your curvy princess is here to ensure your pay piggy wallets are emptied and your bank account balance is on the brink of extinction. And don’t think I didn’t forget about those credit cards too.

As my pay piggy you’ll need to get accustomed to me constantly seducing and teasing your cash away while I pamper myself endlessly at your expense. After all you’re going to become my Human ATM Machine. Not to worry because you’ll be so hooked on my hot ass that you’ll happily jack yourself off endlessly as I continue to pork your paychecks away.

You might as well start now! Come tribute the princess and pay for the pleasure of being my piggy. I’ll flip my cam on, verify I’m a legit findom princess and then begin porking you immediately. 🙂

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