Mistress Drains Your Wallets and Balls

Mistress Drains Your Wallets and Balls

Money pigs, cash slaves and lowly pricks need to get ready because when Mistress drains your wallets, I might be coming after your balls next.

After all you need to release those loser loads and worship puddles for mistress, right? But it must be earned.

A true money pig will know that when it comes to true financial domination, they’ll need to please their mistress properly first before they have a chance in hell of being able to actually get off. Remember slaves, it’s about pleasing your money mistress first and you come last!

Your Balls Ache? Earn a Draining!

It typically works out like this. A horny submissive cash slave wants to get off but has been getting edged for an hour and his balls are aching like crazy. Hello Blue Balls!

So you want to release that loser load right? Not quite! You need to earn the privilege by paying out the ass to your owner and mistress. The wallet gets drained first like a good money pig should and then I’ll get to work on those balls. Oh and don’t you worry, when mistress drains those balls, you’ll be left aching for more.

Want to get used? Ready to be enslaved? You can chat with me on webcam or browse my dominant girlfriends on webcam. Your choice and enjoy it because soon you won’t be calling any shots.

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