Verbal Abuse Fetishes Are Not Just for Tiny Dicks

Mistress into the verbal abuse fetish.

Verbal Abuse is a fetish most often associated with guys with small penises but it’s not just for tiny dicks anymore, nor was it ever.

It may be a shock to some of you but even guys with huge penises enjoy verbal abuse and humiliation. Why? Because it’s a fetish, so it can be a turn-on for anyone regardless of penis size or sexual preference.

What is Verbal Abuse?

Verbal Abuse is a form of humiliation that involves being ridiculed, called names, yelled at, provoked or made fun of. Some may enjoy being picked on or talked down to in a way that is belittling.

Typically in involves interaction between a dominant woman and a submissive male. Contrary to popular belief the “Verbal Abuse” is not abuse at all but rather what turns on the guy involved. He is loving having it done to him, even though most guys would hate it.

Verbal abuse is something that often takes place within various realms of female domination. For example, small penis humiliation or SPH is considered a type of verbal abuse fetish.

What is it Like?

Considering the nature of the fetish, it can be quite an embarrassing and totally humiliating situation to be a part of. Obviously the people that desire this type of fantasy are as aroused by it as they are humiliated by it.

It’s that feeling of being verbally thrashed is precisely what it is that gets them off. Having a woman talk to them in ways they didn’t know were possible.

Talking to Mean Girls

Guys into this fetish love hearing women talk dirty but love it even more when they get mean or angry in how they talk. Other men enjoy being teased, taunted and dismissed as less than or unworthy of their attention. What many people would label as “bitchy” or being a “mean girl” – is exactly what turns these men on.

For the woman involved it can be quite hilarious and empowering at the same time and for the guy involved he is too turned on to care about anything other than how hot it is.

Mistresses Into Verbal Abuse

Submissive guys of all types know that this is a common theme among tons of different femdom scenarios. You’ll find foot goddesses that talk dismissively to their slaves and cuckoldresses that make fun of penis size but that’s not all. Basically any fetish that involves men into humiliation will also involve verbal domination to some extent.

So what about you? Do you crave verbal abuse from a dominant female? Let us know what is it you desire below or get verbally dominated on webcam now.

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