Become a Chastity Slave: You Don’t Deserve Orgasms

Keyholder holds chastity slave cage and key.

Taking the steps toward becoming a chastity slave is a big decision. After all you will be giving up control of your penis by having it locked up inside of a cage.

Most likely you have known for a long time that you are either inferior to beautiful women or have a useless penis. Both of which are great reasons why you should become a chastity slave, because in reality you really don’t even deserve orgasms.

What is a Chastity Slave?

A chastity slave is a guy that has his dick locked inside of a chastity or cock-cage. The control of his penis as well as his ability to masturbate or touch himself in anyway is now determined by his keyholder.

These guys can no longer jerk off anytime they want like real men. Odds are after some time in the cage they won’t want to get hard anymore either but the desire to get off will always remain.

What’s a Keyholder?

A Keyholder or Key Holder is the person that has control over the locking mechanism on the cage. Typically a dominant woman that has seized control of a man’s cock is the one completely in charge of the key or lock combination.

Different Types of Chastity Devices

Chastity devices come in literally all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. Most often they will be made from steel or plastic of some sort. Other models are made of wood or silicone based products. The most common though are the metal and plastic options.

The cages are kept securely on a cock by way of interlocking pieces that are then secured by either a small lock with a key or a combination lock.

A majority of cages are able to be worn for short and long periods of time due to their decision. It features holes and slots so that a chastity could even wear it while showering.

Reasons to Be a Chastity Slave

There are so many reasons why some guys should give in and become a chastity slave. Let’s start with the most obvious and popular reasons.

1. Guys can’t be trusted with their dicks

It might be hard to swallow but most of you can’t be trusted with your own penis. You’ll either spend every free moment jerking off, trying to shoot loads every chance you get. Other guys will even try having sex or getting a blowjob when it hasn’t been earned.

2. Your dick isn’t big enough to deserve sex

If you’re a guy that is unfortunately stuck with a small penis or a micro-dick then obviously you don’t deserve sex. Keeping these wieners locked up in a cage is just another way to keep your useless penis at bay and out of the way. It’s not like a tiny dick deserves to orgasm anyway without earning it in the first place, if at all. For those into SPH, chastity slavery can be the most humiliating situation of them all.

3. Submission is what you crave the most

Submitting to a dominant woman is one thing but handing over full control of your cock is another. For guys that crave the ultimate in submission and want to see what true obedience is about; This is for you.

Becoming a Chastity Slave

Becoming a chastity slave can happen in a variety of ways depending upon the situation. If a guy is lucky he may find a girlfriend or wife that will chastised him but often that’s hard to find. That is why tons of guys opt for finding a dominant online keyholder or mistress to lock up those cocks.

Keyholder shows the key to a chastity.

Online mistresses with some help from smartphones and webcams are now able to dominate a dick over an internet connection. Wannabe slaves are able to hand select a woman that fits all their criteria, serve them and ultimately get chastised by them.

Some women even accept keys by mail and will send them back when a chastity slave earns them in some way or another.

For those that are craving chastity slavery there has been no better time than now to get caged. It has truly never been easier to give up control of orgasms and your cock.

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