Become a Chastity Slave: You Don’t Deserve Orgasms

Become a Chastity Slave

You have known for a long time that you are inferior to beautiful women which is why you should become a chastity slave because in reality you really don’t even deserve orgasms.

It might be hard to swallow but most of you can’t be trusted with your own penis. You’ll either spend every free moment jerking off or trying to shoot bitch-load every chance you get.

We both know that you don’t deserve that and certainly don’t deserve the pleasure.

What do you deserve? You deserve to be stuffed into a chastity cage and forced to endure orgasm denial constantly until you submit properly. That’s sounds more appropriate for you losers, submissive guys and freaks out there.

You NEED to Become a Chastity Slave

I don’t even need to try to convince you because you know you need someone else to control your orgasms and masturbation habits. That’s exactly what all of us mistresses do around here.

So don’t fight it, just accept your fate and take your place as a chastity slave.

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