Humping High Heels on Webcam

High heels on webcam mistress.

It was only a few days ago it happened. Mistress watched me humping high heels on webcam. I had never done a cam4cam session before as I always enjoyed just watching and listening to a hot mistress teasing me about my foot fetish.

I’d spend hours every week just beating myself off like crazy watching them show off their feet and especially their high heels for me on webcam.

Just hearing how they would talk, tease and torment me about my attraction to high heels always made me bust a nut like nothing else. Then I came across a foot-mistress that I couldn’t get enough of.

She had the right looks, the right body and her attitude was so frigging sexy it was ridiculous. And to top it off she had the sexiest collection of high heels I had ever seen. Needless to say I became a regular.

Humping High Heels on Webcam?

Yes I truly was and still do hump high heels on webcam for my mistress. You see it was always a fantasy of mine but I never actually pulled it off mainly due to the lack of high heels.

It’s not like I had a wife or girlfriend or any way to access them so I just kept enjoying my foot worship sessions with mistresses on cam. That was until I found that perfect mistress.

She soon realized how much I loved high heels and how submissive they made me. Over time as we had sessions it eventually led to her convincing me to buy a webcam and do a cam4cam session with her. All I can say is — it was hot.

Now it was like I was truly adoring her high heels because I could see her, hear her and now she could do the same. Sure she could hear me talking before over the mic but she could see me getting hard too.

Once I could no longer hide the boners I was packing for her shoes she started using my weakness to the max. Before I knew it she had me buying a pair of high heels and then it happened.

She made me start humping myself off with them on webcam in front of her while she laughed hysterically. It was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced and I blasted off like crazy all over those high heels like the foot pig slave I now was.

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