Money Mistress Draining ATM Pigs

Money Mistress

Not many people know about these cravings but a money mistress like me not only knows about them but I love draining ATM cash pigs to the max.

You’ll never be good enough to sexually please a woman like me, aren’t attractive enough to gain my interest so this is the only way you’ll get my attention.

Human ATM pigs should know there place before they even approach. You know I’m too hot for you and can get all the gorgeous hung men that I want. So you’ll need to blow that cash to impress me and get a glimpse of any of the goodies I’m hiding under my clothes — you know you want that so desperately.

Not to mention you know that a woman like me can bring you pleasure that you can only dream of and will definitely never get from a woman on your level. Submit to me and experience what you really need in your life — a true purpose.

Privilege to Pay the Money Mistress

There is no greater privilege than to pay and spoil me with as much as you possible can. After all think of all the perks that come along with it. I might chat with, maybe show you some my goodies or whatever you’re craving the most and hey if you do really, really good like a pay pig should then I might even make you launch a loser load for me.

Quit playing with yourself and get yourself prepared to pay out the ass while you new money mistress drains your wallet and your balls dry. Oh and not to worry, I know that you’re most likely already hard and gripping it by now.

Get your box of tissues and your wallet read to tribute and serve a real money mistress.

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